Sunday, July 6, 2014

Introducing A Truly Innovative Altcoin: Huntercoin » CryptoCoinsNews

Introducing A Truly Innovative Altcoin: Huntercoin » CryptoCoinsNews:

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What Is Huntercoin?
Huntercoin is a new altcoin that released at the beginning of February to little fanfare.  Huntercoin is based off of Namecoin and utilized a dual proof-of-work algorithm to process Huntercoin transactions with both SHA and Scrypt devices.  Huntercoin is meant to be merged mined with other altcoins and should be immune to fluctuations in hardware efficiency.
That isn’t even the most interesting part about Huntercoin mining.  Huntercoin blocks are 1 minute long, and every block releases 10 Huntercoins.  1 HUC goes to the miners each block, and 8.75 is distributed on the Huntercoin map.  The remaining 0.25 HUC goes to whichever Hunter has the crown.  The traditional mining scheme has been turned on its head by Huntercoin.  For the first time since the earliest days of Bitcoin, any individual can mine meaningful amounts of crypto without dedicated hardware.

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