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Now think about this: When that AI brain gets put in a real robot - posted by snhqyxtyjxg at ShameCop

Uh.. what? RE:


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MarkNUUTTTT comments on Men of reddit, what is something you want women to know?

It is almost impossible for me to say "I love you." It baffles me that my countless actions don't tell you I love her. I don't get it at all. Words are pretty meaningless, my actions cannot be faked or be a lie. Much more meaningful to me.
EDIT: This is a copy and paste, originally a reply to /u/Dahlianeko[1]  . I did not expect my comment to garner so much attention, and I believe I was not particularly clear. Because so many have suggested it, I will read 5 Love Languages. I fully admit I may be wrong, and have heard some wonderful counter-points. Now, if I may, let me explain a little better how I communicate.
I made a mistake in saying words are meaningless. Abstract words are meaningless. There are, however, concrete words that, when coupled with actions, become as real as the actions themselves. I use these words and phrases to express myself to my significant other. Although I am in finance, I graduated studying history and linguistics. I have seen communications that, through over-simplified language, was obviously misinterpreted by the other party. Language, to me, is a powerful tool that should not be used lightly.
She likes to have a latte in the morning, so everyday I get up a bit earlier than her and go to Starbucks so that she has one right as she wakes up. When I leave for work I hug her and touch my forehead to hers. As we end the embrace, a pretty short hug for clarity, I grab her shoulders and kiss her forehead where we were touching (incidentally her weird smile and blush is just as cute as the first time). I randomly, and purposefully not near holidays or after fights, send her flowers in the middle of the day. Maybe once every four months. When she is on her period I go and get her a little pack of Turtles (her favorite) without her saying a word about it. I already know she craves them, and only allows herself to eat them when she's moody.
Those are the regular actions. When we argue, it is usually pretty bad. We both have tempers and seem to feed off each other. Eventually we calm down and speak more rationally. Whoever was wrong, usually both of us, apologizes. I've never worried about an argument ending our relationship, but she will sometimes. I always tell her that unless it meant her happiness and wellbeing, I will never let her go. Could never leave her.
Life has, of course, thrown plenty of trials at each of us individually and as a couple. When I have a lot going on she is by my side. Invariably I tell her that she is my pillar of strength and that I don't know how I got through life before her. When she is facing problems I stand by her side. I tell her I am here to support and protect her. When her problems feel like a mountain of earth falling on top of her, she can rest assured that I will hold her and, for her, on my back even mountains will break. Should God himself turn his wrath on her, He will fail with me in His way. Because I know that if He were against me, she would make Him run in fear (she can be scary at times, but in a good way). When we face smaller problems, I hold her hand. Either telling her that I need her help or assuring her that I am there for her.
I admit I could be wrong. But, can you tell me that "I love you" can convey that depth and truth? Would it not be robbing her of communicating my emotions in full and honest detail? Maybe it can mean that much. Maybe there is something I'm missing. I may well start telling her I love her is so simple of terms. But I will never stop using language that removes all confusion, eliminates misunderstanding, and speaks to how I truly feel about her.

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Neuron Circuit Board

Psyche and Cupid

This is one level of meaning in the greek myth about Cupid and Psyche. 

Basically, Psyche was this super hot beauty that no mortal would marry, so she got set up with Cupid, who was supposed to be this hunky god guy. Except the thing is he's super shy, so he would only bang Psyche at night. So she tells her sisters about his whole weird "don't look at me" thing, and they become convinced that actually he's not cupid at all but some kind of weird snake monster/creature who has been deceiving Psyche this whole time. Suddenly Psyche's world is thrown upside down -- she's like "wait, I've been duped? I'm the settler, not the reacher?" so she brings a candle and a mirror with her next time she's shacking up with hubby "Cupid," and tries to hold the mirror up behind him while they're doing it. But she spills on him, and he freaks, and runs away to mommy (Venus) in Mt. Olympus.

Psyche begins to think that it is confirmation that he was a nasty rape-snake, but then notices how much she misses him (despite the fact that he may be a snake) and goes to Mt. Olympus to find him. Venus is all like, "you have to prove yourself worthy," and sends Psyche on 4 tests, through which she develops her mental faculties of self-control. Only when she can prevent her mind from running wild at the slightest suggestion is she able to reunite with her lover; no longer concerned with whether he is or isn't "good" for her, she asserts her newfound dominion over her…*psyche*… and chooses to love him regardless.

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Not mine.. Pulled from Reddit.

> it's their perceived lost revenue that keeps them awake at night.

Monty Python got fed up with folks uploading their videos to Youtube.  So, they created a channel and uploaded lots of famous clips themselves.  [Their DVD sales increased 23,000%](

"Piracy" is free advertising.

In reality, the entire concept of a "web server" is wrong.  The web should be a big Distributed Hash Table File System.  All data should be referenced by info-hash instead of URL.  Human readable tag trees or "file directories" can be associated with the info hashes and passed around to give the abstraction required for dynamism.  With store-and-forward all data can be deduplicated for archival or for Disruption Tolerant Network.  The Internet stores many copies of itself in caches, so the "server" idea is already stupid.  HTTP ETags provide "not changed" detection but if the infohash is used to link to data then you already know if the copy is changed or not, no additional query need be sent.  If the hashes match, it's the same.  The more popular some data is, the more available it becomes and there's no "server bottleneck" issue.  It's DUMB that my neighbor can not pull from my browser's cache.  The cute cat video should come in from your neighbor's copy who sent you the link, or from their peer they got it from, on up the DHT hierarchy all the way to source if needded.    This way when we have folks on Mars, they won't have to wait for 30 minuets for a page to load -- unless it's a new page the planet hasn't received yet over our DTN -- [The Space Internet](  The first person that has the file, the rest of the planet, country, county, city, neighborhood, household can pull from.  Such design even greatly reduces OS update traffic.

The "Web" of data silos is stupid, a bad move that doesn't leverage the inherent decentralized nature of the Internet properly.  The speed of light, increasing data sizes, caching, and namespace problems will FORCE us to use Bittorrent like DHT technology.  Just sign your content with your PGP key and put it out there: No one ever needed dedicated websites -- That's not how the Internet actually works anyway behind the scenes.  Anyone can create their own "slice" of the DHT File System by creating a data-tag-tree and calling it their site.  Everyone essentially gets free collocation.

New journaling file systems on modern OSs like ZFS or BTRFS are beginning to leverage similar hash-chain features, but they still don't get it: File names should be separated from Data Storage Location.  That way you can have a file in as many Directories as you want without taking up more space.  Modifying a file just creates a new data with infohash (or a delta in reference to a prior infohash).  This way if a big file is modified, you only need to send the differences if they have the prior data.  Regular squash operations can prevent deltas from accumulating too much.

Long live The Internet, but the screw the retarding Web!  With distributed file systems you pull from peers so endpoints can't track your browsing habits (unless they include "new" content you pull in, but you have to voluntarily request that data and thus tracking is always opt-in under the DHT-FS).  Good riddance Censorship!  There is no website to "take down".  No more (D)DoS attacks either.  You can request the file all you want, and it'll just come from your next hop upstream every time.

I'm not the only one working on a Distributed File System.  Someone else may make it to market sooner than me, but it will happen.  It's as inevitable as discovery of the atom.  It's just naturally a better way to do data. My family and friends are helping me test my pre-alpha (that runs as a stand alone node & virtual file system for drop-box like functionality).  They LOVE that we don't have to go through a creepy 3rd party like Facebook to share photos and comments or backup all our important data (encrypted) between households.  They see "VortexCortex's Backup [enc]" which is a flat directory of tags to encrypted blobs, one of which is the encrypted directory tag tree.  If anything happens to my home, fire, burglary, etc.  I just plug in my devices, install the DHT-FS, and search and select backup as my "home" site and it pulls in my files again.  Don't have any hardware, I can put in my password at their house and it unlocks the directory tag tree and all the other files.  Not everyone needs to store a full copy of the backup, 10 folks each have 1/5'th of my files, which is more than enough redundancy to rebuild a full copy of my "home" site.

The main things holding back the DHT-FS and an accompanying DOS (Distributed OS) are ridiculous laws made against human nature, and against the principals of life itself: Copyright and Patents (see: respective trolls).  The only thing humans have over the apes is a better way to share ideas.  Humans are trillions of copies of a single cell, as are all life!  And we allow laws preventing duplication of information and ideas?  **Ludicrous!**

The current copyright and patents laws are not compatible with reality or economics 101: That which is in infinite supply has zero price regardless of cost to create.  Instead of charging for each user, a mechanic charges just once for the work they do to the car.  No one would accept a coin-slot installed on the ignition switch to profit in perpetuity from the unbounded benefits of work only performed once, that's what "IP" laws do.  Bits are not scarce in the Age of Information.  So, market what is scarce: The ability to create more works.  Just like a FLOSS dev, home builder, mechanic or burger joint, agree on a price up front, do the work, get paid ONCE, and give them the output of your work "for free" since you already got paid to do the work.  You have an unlimited monopoly over your work BEFORE you create it, so you don't need one afterwards. 

Market forces will correct the moronic "Intellectual Properties" futures market.  It's foolish and risky to do work for free and bet on your future success to recoup the costs of doing the work.  Burger joints and home builders don't make you something and hope for payment if you liked it.  If burgers were infinitely reproducible the Master Chefs would be marketing their labor to come up with new recipes or prepare meals, not charging everyone for using the recipes.  In fact, since recipes are not copyrightable, that's what they do today.

Besides, there's no evidence that copyrights or patents are beneficial for society: Look at the [Automotive and Fashion industries.](  They're both lucrative and innovative in design, yet are not allowed copyright or design patents!  Mathematics continues to advance without copyright or patents.  Where's the evidence that patents and copyrights are needed?  Hell, there's no evidence that these laws are not harmful!   It's unconscionable to operate the world's economy of ideas and information on an unproven and untested hypothesis that patent and copyrights are needed and good -- Especially when we have only contrary evidence.

Without patents and copyrights, if you want more money you have to **create more works**.  If you get your money up front then no amount of copying can "harm" you, it's 100% free advertising then.  It's time to do the experiment and test the IP hypothesis.  Let's end Piracy for good: Abolish Intellectual Property.

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Excellent response to a dumb statement..

Hello, koolkeano, my use of 'yes' in my comment was somewhat subtle, so it is okay for you to be confused. Firstly, 'yes' is an answer to a question, so one must determine what question is being answered. At first, and you got this far, it seems obvious that since yes was used to start a reply to a question then the question yes is replying to is that very question. Not so in this case!  Here, 'yes' is a way for me to imply that the post I was replying to had an implied question in it whose answer is yes. Specifically, by starting my comment with 'yes', I am saying that what the person ought to have said is something like 'I think the following are important questions...' which would have an implied question of whether others agree. Rather than engage in verbosity, I proceeded to skip what was actually said and answer as if something more reasonable were said. I hope this clears things up for you!

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Router backdoors

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H1N1 ... Shortage?

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Excellent viewpoint about gender equality

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Two way radio prank

From reddit:

Okay, in early 1990, I worked for a volunteer-based security group. We didn't have a radio license for real walkie-talkies yet, so we had a set of headsets that worked off some common household frequencies. These frequencies were used for child's walkie-talkies, cheap cordless phones, drive-thru speakers, baby monitors, and such.

During an outdoor distance test, I picked up some lady's cordless phone where she talked about gross medical stuff, but she couldn't hear us to get her to stop.

So while testing a battery replacement, I picked up a two-way baby monitor in a nearby apartment. There was a baby fussing and the sound of some woman doing dishes. "I'll be right there, hon..." the woman said.

On a whim, I pushed "TALK" on my headset, and said with a loud, demonic voice, "**FEED. ME!**"

Then I heard the shattering of dishes.

That was hilarious when I was 21... but after reading this, I feel bad. :(

Sorry, lady stranger.

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Emma watsom transforms