Monday, November 28, 2011


The matrix is glitching.

Please advise.

Is Mormonism a cult? Who cares? It’s their weird and sinister beliefs we should be worried about. - Slate Magazine

Is Mormonism a cult? Who cares? It’s their weird and sinister beliefs we should be worried about. - Slate Magazine:

Oh dear. So many flaws and biases... i hope this article from Slate does not try to pass itself off as 'News'.

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Things to talk about with your spouse

After your spouse has heard all of your stories.. what else is there to tell her?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to tell if you are a slut.

Have you sexually been with 2 or more people within one normal menstrual cycle? As in having sex with 2 or more men within about 30 days of each other?

Yes? You're a slut.

sorry. mad about my life.. don't listen to me women. I'm just mad at all women right now.

Can't trust a single one of them.

Recipe: Cauliflower mashed potatoes

My wife just made these: mashed potatoes with cauliflower.

  1. Peel the potatoes.
  2. Dice the potatoes.
  3. Boil the potatoes until cooked [soft].
  4. Wash cauliflower.
  5. Cook cauliflower until cooked [soft].
  6. Add the potatoes and cauliflower to a mixing bowl.
  7. Mix until the lumps are homogeneous.
  8. Eat.

Mitt Romney [is the next president] Wins!

I hope so. I really really want him to be in office so this country can be fixed.

He's smart. He seems like a good person. And he doesn't give off those 'imajerk' vibes like the others.

Mitt Romney Wins !
This cartoon sums it up well:

Boring Life Fix?

I have a boring life. Mostly by choice, I believe.. what could I create that is of value to anyone else?

I'd love to generate income from this blog, but so far it's been kinda sounding board to help get these thoughts OUT of my head.

Hmm.. I could create a new language. Or reveal the answer to the universe?

I know that I like to watch iJustine, Toby, and PhotonicInduction because they love what they're doing.. you can see it when they are so passionate about what they're doing.

What would you be interested in?

Ask me anything.. and I'll give you an answer.

Lost: One little boy named Rayden.

Many, many people all around here were looking for him.. I even drove some hoping to spot him.

A Lady (with kids) said they found him. Good!

I'd be so worried if my little boy wandered away and we couldn't find him.. I'd worry about who took him.. damn pedophiles. I wish they would all instantly self-incinerate the moment they chose to start down that bad bad road.

All is well that ends well, aye?

Monday, November 14, 2011

AllGov : 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House

AllGov - News - 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House:
  1. Crackdown on puppy mills (30,920) - [I didn't even realize these existed. Although I can see a niche developing for it because some are greedy and have no compassion.]
  2. Abolish the TSA (29,717) - [I Agree 100%. Can we get a HELL YAH!! Treating every person as a criminal is a breeding ground for abuse.]
  3. Allow growth of industrial hemp (21,978) - [Not sure where to draw the line on this one. Smoking: NO; Medicinal: yes; Industrial ?? Like making clothes & rope?? Mebbe.]
  4. End “war on drugs” (20,685) - [The "war on drugs", One of the many stupid distractions the government has created to criminalize anything they want and spend more money.]
  5. Dissolve the Electoral College (18,600) - [Agreed. Wait, what? You mean presidents aren't elected by a popular vote?! Someone tell the People!! /lol @ !democracy ]
  6. Re-establish separation between investment and commercial banks (17,451) - [ #crapstillstinks.]
  7. Restore democracy by ending corporate personhood (16,837) - [ Agreed, we need this even more than the uninstallTSA program.]
  8. Repeal the Patriot Act (15,694) - [Pure evil. Hey, let's ignore the Constitution! ]
  9. Protect children from air pollution (13,886) - [Air pollution? What's that? Loud smelly politicians? Or their 'ideas'?]


Still here.. for the moment.

Love you, my kids. More than you currently know.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suicide or Homicide?

Kill them or kill myself?
Man, I hate choices.

I'm sorry my children.. this whole life is a terrible joke and I just don't get it.

I do love you though.. I just wished I could have shown it.

xkcd: Superlative

xkcd: Superlative:

I am the basis for this one comic.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alex Kingston`s Arse! – UPDATED! |

Alex Kingston`s Arse! – UPDATED! |:

Lovely, lovely, lovely, just lovely!

Anonymous Recruitment Video - YouTube

Anonymous Recruitment Video on YouTube:

"We have no bombs." - Agreed. It promotes the idea of nonviolence of the movement.
"Your government has failed you." - Agreed. Many times.
"We will fight hate." - Very good.
"We have no leaders." - This is why Anonymous laughs its butt off when some group claims to have captured the 'leader' of anonymous.
"Governments should be afraid of their people." - Agreed. I am so tired of people making themselves rich at everyone else's expense. They make laws like they above the constitution.

More on this later.. waiting to see if armed police bash in the door... :P

Like I matter or care.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


The next time I endorse my paycheck for my wife to deposit, I should write "Please hand over all of your money quietly and no one will get hurt."

That'd be funny.

... :P