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Secret Bitcoin mining code added to e-sports software sparks outrage | Ars Technica

Secret Bitcoin mining code added to e-sports software sparks outrage | Ars Technica:

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Reposting for

Hi all,
Boring stuff out of the way first.
Scrypt Algorithm
200 coins until block 17280, which is only 3456000 coins minted and then 1 coin per block there after.
2 Minute blocks
Difficulty adjustment every 1 block.
Now the different part.
There is only going to be 5 Million coins in total for the block reward, after that as we know, miners just get the transactions fees.
This means that roughly around the two month mark from this release post (60 days) the block reward will be 1 + transaction fee’s.
I am not worried about people stopping mining this coin after the reward is gone, as I have got myself another rig that will be dedicated to just mining this coin and keep it going.
This will mean that they will be only 5 Million coins spread around to trade or use for purchase but always remember the decimal and that it can be broken down, new users tend to like to have whole coins and forget this sometimes.
All the links you need are top right of this website.
Thanks for your support and interest in Extremecoin.

Pizza for bitcoins?

Holy slice of bitcoin history, batman!

ELI5: This Bitcoin mining thing again. : explainlikeimfive

It looks like there's still a bit of misinformation here, so I'll try to clear it up.
The Big Picture
Mining increases the bitcoin network's security and fights fraud by calculating what's effectively a checksum for transactions. By contributing their computing power to the bitcoin network for mining, individuals are rewarded with newly minted bitcoins by the community. This also provides a way to distribute new bitcoins in a fair manner.
The Details
Hash functions are at the heart of mining. A hash function is basically a complicated math formula that takes in some arbitrary input and gives a reproducible output. However, changing the input even slightly will completely alter the output. For example, using the SHA-256 hash function:
SHA-256 of "Test" always outputs a hash of "532eaabd9574880dbf76b9b8cc00832c20a6ec113d682299550d7a6e0f345e25"
SHA-256 of "test" (lowercase t) is "9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0c55ad015a3bf4f1b2b0b822cd15d6c15b0f00a08"
Now, let's say Alice decides to pay Bob 10BTC. The bitcoin network basically records that in the public ledger of transactions as "Alice -> 10 -> Bob". However, right now someone could change that 10 to a 20 without consequence. The network has to have some way of checking if the recorded transaction is valid or fraudulent. That's where mining comes in.
When Alice pays Bob those 10BTC, miners in the bitcoin network will try to hash the transaction "Alice -> 10 -> Bob", resulting in "aa314e08a642f5be3857276ecb4a4085a33b916f84aebef32a077df9c29949b3". However, mining has a requirement that the resulting hash must start with a certain number of 0's (depending on the network's hash speed). Thus, miners will slightly alter the transaction by adding a random number to the end like so: "Alice -> 10 -> Bob 12345". The miners will then hash it again and see if it has the required number of 0's. If not, it'll change the random number and hash it again. This is repeated until an acceptable hash is found.
Once the correct hash is found, the transaction and the hash are permanently stored in the public ledger of transactions, and if anyone tries to change the transaction (i.e. changing the 10 to a 20), the hash will naturally mismatch and the network will know that that transaction is fake and will reject it. The miner who calculated the correct hash is rewarded a certain number of newly minted bitcoins and transaction fees for his contributions to the security of the network.
Thus, "bitcoin mining" is actually a slight misnomer. Its other equally important purpose is "bitcoin transaction securing."
Hope that answered some questions!

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NeuFlow: A Runtime Reconfigurable Dataflow Processor for Vision

In this paper we present a scalable dataflow hardware architecture optimized for the computation of generalpurpose vision algorithms neuFlow and a dataflow compiler luaFlow that transforms high-level flow-graph representations of these algorithms into machine code for neuFlow. This system was designed with the goal of providing real-time detection, categorization and localization of objects in complex scenes, while consuming 10 Watts when implemented on a Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA platform, or about ten times less than a laptop computer, and producing speedups of up to 100 times in real-world applications.
Wepresent an application of the system on street scene analysis, segmenting 20 categories on 500 375 frames at 12 frames per second on our custom hardware neuFlow.

Peerbet Strategic Betting

This site contains a guide to a mathematical bidding strategy for the PeerBet Wheel to guarantee winnings.
 This is not a “Give me your Money and I’ll make you Rich! In 30 Days! Only Four Payments of 99.99! 100% Moneyback Guarantee!” type of guide.

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My friend started a host and accepts bitcoins - sharing the love. : Bitcoin

My friend started a host and accepts bitcoins - sharing the love. : Bitcoin:

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Gun myths destroyed in 5 minutes… from ABC News?

Gun myths destroyed in 5 minutes… from ABC News?: "Bob Owens is the Editor of

A long-time shooting enthusiast, he began blogging as a North Carolina native in New York at the politics-focused Confederate Yankee in 2004. In 2007 Bob began writing about firearms, gun rights, and crime at Pajamas Media, and added gun and gear reviews for Shooting Illustrated in 2010. He is a volunteer in the Appleseed Project, where he shares stories of our shared American heritage and teaches traditional rifle marksmanship.

His personal blog is, and he can be found on Twitter at bob_owens."

'via Blog this''s Allegedly Fraudulent, Unethical and Illegal Activity – Bitcoin Magazine

Bad, bad BetCoin..’s Allegedly Fraudulent, Unethical and Illegal Activity

On the whole, the global Bitcoin space is a self-policing community that uproots and exposes scams and unethical Bitcoin service operators with ruthless efficiency. Unfortunately, there is a growing body of objective evidence that Bitcoin gaming network is one such unethical operator in the Bitcoin ecosystem. According to a number of sources, the relatively new Bitcoin gaming platform has allegedly been involved in a range of ongoing fraudulent, unethical and illegal activities in an attempt to carve out market share and bring down the websites of their competitors. This includes copyright infringement in relation to the BetCoin Trademark, increasing evidence for BetCoin DDoSing the websites of their competitors, copying the SatoshiDice website UI and terms and conditions word-for-word, using automated scripts to artificially inflate the volume of bets on the Bitcoin dice site, and falsely representing the private keys used on their dice gaming site.....

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Students Invent Lock to Stop School Shooters : Discovery News

From the article:

Students Invent Lock to Stop School Shooters

Shaken by the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and determined to prevent future tragedies, a team of high school students in Washington, D.C. has invented a new locking device for classroom doors. It probably wouldn’t have prevented the killing of a teacher at a Nevada middle school Monday, but the young inventors hope the device could keep students and teachers safe if a heavily armed intruder approaches.
Currently the classroom doors don’t lock at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, a public school located across from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Like schools all across the country, they can’t be locked from the inside due to fire safety regulations.
At Sandy Hook last December, teachers hid students in bathrooms and closets while trying to protect them from shooter Adam Lanza.
Ten Benjamin Banneker Academic High School students, including Anny Harvey, Deonte Antrum and Mark Miranda, led by math teacher John Mahoney began working on a reliable, affordable and easy-to-use device that teachers could place quickly to prevent a classroom door from opening. The device, which they call Dead Stop, consists of a PVC pipe that’s hinged on one side and can be locked on the other side with a steel pin. Fitted over a hydraulic door closer, the device is designed to prevent the door hinge from widening.
When the students did research about patents and commercially available door locks, they said most of the devices they found required physical installation either on the door or the jamb. Other devices were expensive and complicated to install. Theirs should cost less than $5 and be simple enough that a teacher could lock the door in under 30 seconds, they said. Once the danger has passed it should be easy to remove as well.
Recently the students received a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grantto support their project. This is the second time they’ve been chosen for the grant — a feat only a small number of schools have achieved, according to a Lemelson-MIT rep. The high schoolers will continue working on their device prototype through next year and then showcase it in June during EurekaFest at MIT.
The high school InvenTeam plans to build and test several prototypes of their design by February, they said. At that point they’ll test how much force the device can withstand. The InvenTeam wants to make DIY instructions publicly available so teachers and principals could make their own right away. They’d also like to collaborate with a company to manufacture the device. Ideally, a law firm could submit a patent application on their behalf on a pro bono basis, they added.
“We showed the original prototypes to teachers and they were quite appreciative,” the students told me. “Our InvenTeam’s main goal is to keep students and teachers safer when there is a threat of an intruder.”
Hopefully no one ever needs to use a Dead Stop door lock. But having one next to a classroom door, at the ready, could mean saving lives.
Images: A classroom hallway and a diagram showing how the Dead Stop device would work. Credits: Christopher Web (photo) and Mark Miranda, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam (diagram).

Google's uProxy: A Peer-to-Peer Gateway to Internet Freedom

Quote I like, from the article:
"It's basically a personalized VPN [Virtual Private Network]," Dixon told Mashable in an interview.
And it doesn't appear to need a lot of expertise to run it, as opposed to other commercial VPNs. Yasmin Green, principal at Google Ideas, described it during the launch as something that simply requires "two clicks on my side to bypass a repressive regime."
The other difference is that uProxy won't depend on a centralized server or a commercial provider, so it won't be easily blocked by a government or other regime. 

Ripple is Officially Open Source – Bitcoin Magazine

More to read.
"...A much greater point of criticism, however, is the XRP itself. The currency exists inside the Ripple network for two main purposes. First, it is the only currency in the Ripple network that does not require trust to send. Without XRP, if there was no “trust path” between A and B, there would be no way for A to send B any money. With XRP, the path can consist of exchanges between the desired currency and XRP at the ends and a trust-free XRP transfer in the middle. Second, like Bitcoin, Ripple uses transaction fees to limit malicious users’ ability to pollute the blockchain, and XRP is a neutral currency that these fees can be paid in. However, the XRP has one major problem: Ripple Labs, the parent company behind Ripple, owns all 100 billion XRP units that will ever exist, and it only plans to distribute a part of them to the community – the rest will go to early investors and the company’s founders. When questioned about this at the Bitcoin conference in San Jose, CEO Chris Larsen simply replied that the company chose this distribution model to better attract top-quality Silicon Valley talent and investment – hardly a satisfying argument to those who believe that the main problems with the current financial system are inequality and greed.
The last major criticism, of course, is the argument that Ripple is centralized. Ripple has claimed to be open source from the moment it was publicly released, but in practice for the past year only the web client has been open. Thus, the Ripple network was entirely controlled by Ripple Labs, allowing the company to modify parts of the Ripple protocol at will – at one point, for example, Ripple reduced the minimum balance for a Ripple account from 200 XRP to 50 XRP, and was able to do this without consulting anyone at all. Ripple Labs developers continued to promise that they would open-source the code eventually, but nothing happened. As time wore on, many Ripple users began to lose faith in Ripple Labs’s intentions, and the value of the XRP tanked; by the beginning of September, the XRP was down 75% from its peak..."

Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation: Part I – Bitcoin Magazine

...The beauty of secure multiparty computation is that it extends beyond just Bitcoin; it can just as easily be used to run the artificial intelligence algorithm that the corporation relies on to operate. So-called “machine learning”, the common name for a set of algorithms that detect patterns in real-world data and allow computers to model it without human intervention and are employed heavily in fields like spam filters and self-driving cars, is also “just algebra”, and can be implemented in secure multiparty computation as well. Really, any computation can, if that computation is broken down into a circuit on the input’s individual bits. There is naturally some limit to the complexity that is possible; converting complex algorithms into circuits often introduces additional complexity, and, as described above, Shamir’s Secret Sharing can get expensive all by itself. Thus, it should only really be used to implement the “core” of the algorithm; more complex high-level thinking tasks are best resolved by outside contractors...

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ART OF NOISE feat. MAX HEADROOM - PARANOMIA (official video HQ) - YouTube

You're quite safe here

Am I dreaming, no
Where am I, in bed
Well, what am I doing
Oh, t-t-t-t-talking to myself

Look, I must have
A star on my door
Or better still
A door-a doo-a door
Ah, swing doors up
O-o-o-okay doors, swing


Now I know I'm dreaming
Dreaming, dreaming
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming
Lyrics courtesy Top40db.
Hmmm, how do I get to sleeep
I know, I'll count
Those bars on the window
One, two, three, sleep

Paranoimia, paranoimia

Paranoimia, paranoimia.....

How do I get
How do I get to sleep
Please let me sleep
Po-po-poetry, that'll work

Come sweet slumber
Enshroud me in thy purple cloak
Hmmm, doesn't even rhyme

Is that my teas made
Paranoimia paranoi

I cant stand tea
Tea, tea, tea, tea....

Paranoimia, paranoimia.....

Ahhh, Happy Harry's High Club
How do I, how am I
Gonna get to sleep

Trust me, trust me....

Probability, Odds and Random Chance

Probability, Odds and Random Chance:

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staplesalad comments on What is the most unprofessional thing you've done at work?

It's kinda fun for like a day. After a week you get kind of nervous, like they don't give you enough work because you're going to get cut.
Then you realize that window has passed. Then it's a little exiting. But then it's boring. Then it's more boring. Then you discover that there actually is an end to the SFW internet, that you've become frustrated with your preferred news blogs, and sit there refreshing Reddit hoping that someone equally bored will post something funny.
After a couple months of that you start to feel worthless when you realize you don't do much of value at work. Then you start questioning your hobbies and life choices. Then you wonder if you're ever going to do something productive with your life.
An amazing day does come though, when you decide that this extra time at work can be put to use doing something valuable. So you ask your boss for more work. That doesn't pan out as well as you'd planned so you decide to learn and improve skills, but by that point Reddit has sucked you in and you can't escape.

Blocks mined on 31/12/1969

Blocks mined on 31/12/1969: ...wuh?

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Google Maps (android) !

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Do Hackers Deserve Bounties? :: ฿it (©oin) Change Club

The best answer is on the blog, of course.

"It depends".

Researchers Develop Darkest Manmade Material | News & Events

Again, WOW !
Troy, N.Y. — Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rice University have created the darkest material ever made by man.

The material, a thin coating comprised of low-density arrays of loosely vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes, absorbs more than 99.9 percent of light and one day could be used to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of solar energy conversion, infrared sensors, and other devices. The researchers who developed the material have applied for a Guinness World Record for their efforts.
“It is a fascinating technology, and this discovery will allow us to increase the absorption efficiency of light as well as the overall radiation-to-electricity efficiency of solar energy conservation,” said Shawn-Yu Lin, professor of physics at Rensselaer and a member of the university’s Future Chips Constellation, who led the research project. “The key to this discovery was finding how to create a long, extremely porous vertically-aligned carbon nanotube array with certain surface randomness, therefore minimizing reflection and maximizing absorption simultaneously.” 
The research results were published in the journal Nano Letters.

Coinchat Moobot Mass Tip Tutorial

==================Moobot Mass Tip Tutorial==================

Moobot massstip is a tool for tipping a bunch of people with
simple command. Also make people in the room become active in
no time! To prevent mistipping or doing other stupid stuff
which would ends up making you taxed a bunch more, here are
some guidelines for masstipping.
1. The basic command is /tip moobot [coins] masstip [people]
[whitelist] [variation] [room]
2. You can omit variables
3. Only works in room that moobot is in, !moo before you tip
4. Variation mode will have 1% house advantage to prevent
moobot goes broke when there is a big variation tip and we
are in a bad luck (eg: variation 20% will have minimum of 
79.8% of tip or maximum of 120% of tip)
1. /tip moobot 10 masstip
Result 1. tip out 0.25 to 32 people, and 1.28 taxed

2. /tip moobot 10 masstip 3
Result 2. tip out 2.73 to 3 people, and 1.31 taxed

3. /tip moobot 10 masstip 3 1
Result 3. tip out 2.73 to 3 people, and 1.31 taxed, and only
whitelisted user would be tipped

4. /tip moobot 10 masstip 5 0 20
Result 4. Tip out randomly ranges from 1.31 to 1.96 coin to 5
people and 1.31 taxed

5. /tip moobot 10 masstip 5 0 0 main
Result 5. Tip out 1.64 to 5 people who is last chatting in
main, including unwhiltelisted person
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TEST <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you would like to test out the outcome of the tip, please
use the following code:
! [coins] masstip [people] [whitelist] [variation%] [where]
! 15 masstip 5 0 20 main

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should make sure your tipping get through with some
calculations. Equation as the following.
[tipamt]/[people]*82% should be larger than 0.25

If variation is used, you should use this:

BPMC Blue Fury USB Bitcoin Miner ~2.5 GH/s


Just wow!

Product Description

  • Rated hashrate 2.2 - 2.7 GH/s
  • Electricity consumption as low as 2.5 watts and 500mA
  • Large aluminium heatsink will lower the chip up to 20 degrees celsius
  • Powered by the USB port without any other power source

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Because most people are idiots, in spite of never manning up and admitting to it pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.

Hmm.. I'll have to read this.

EDIT: Okay, I read it and I think this guy needs to calm down. Going from people misreading to wanting them dead is quite a stretch.

A picture of me in the shower

Portrait of a Bitcoin miner: How one man made $192K in virtual currency | ITworld

Portrait of a Bitcoin miner: How one man made $192K in virtual currency | ITworld:

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Simple Bitcoin Miner in C

#Copyright (c) 2011, Joseph Matheney
#All rights reserved.

#Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

#    Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
#    Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.


#ifdef fail
 # NOTE you can chmod 0755 this file and then execute it to compile (or just copy and paste)
 gcc -o hashblock hashblock.c -lssl
 exit 0


// this is the block header, it is 80 bytes long (steal this code)
typedef struct block_header {
 unsigned int version;
 // dont let the "char" fool you, this is binary data not the human readable version
 unsigned char prev_block[32];
 unsigned char merkle_root[32];
 unsigned int timestamp;
 unsigned int bits;
 unsigned int nonce;
} block_header;

// we need a helper function to convert hex to binary, this function is unsafe and slow, but very readable (write something better)
void hex2bin(unsigned char* dest, unsigned char* src)
 unsigned char bin;
 int c, pos;
 char buf[3];

 buf[2] = 0;
 while(c < strlen(src))
  // read in 2 characaters at a time
  buf[0] = src[c++];
  buf[1] = src[c++];
  // convert them to a interger and recast to a char (uint8)
  dest[pos++] = (unsigned char)strtol(buf, NULL, 16);

// this function is mostly useless in a real implementation, were only using it for demonstration purposes
void hexdump(unsigned char* data, int len)
 int c;
 while(c < len)
  printf("%.2x", data[c++]);

// this function swaps the byte ordering of binary data, this code is slow and bloated (write your own)
void byte_swap(unsigned char* data, int len) {
 int c;
 unsigned char tmp[len];

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Bitcoin is a Zero-Sum Game - Long-term interest bearing instruments viable?

"When you save you are contributing more than you consume. = wealth building"
"When you borrow you are consuming more than you contribute. = wealth erosion"

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CoinChat lol

CoinChat: "" said

Saving up for world domination. Need more minions. 115wLiWUmJoBjTntvkxJFNk7KCpy3kNF6N